Diamond Sixes

Meet the Diamond Six!

Diamond Sixes

Perranporth School has been able to elect a new group of ‘Diamond Sixes’  to undertake various roles and responsibilities that will help the school run more smoothly and be ‘ambassadors’ when called upon. I’m sure you already know that all of the children at Perranporth are special and could no doubt meet these expectations whilst standing on theDiamondir heads! However we decided that it should be our oldest children that be given this rare opportunity and so it was a prospect exclusively for Year 6. These roles are by no means unique to Perranporth. Some schools have ‘Head Boy’ and ‘Head Girl’, some have ‘Prefects’ and others ‘Year Leaders’….we have our Diamond Sixes!

In order for our Diamond Sixes to be selected, the children in Davy Class had the opportunity to deliver a short speech to the entire school to explain why they thought they would be a good candidate for the role. An impressive twenty three children decided to give speeches and put themselves into the mix. The standard of speech, the delivery and the sheer passion shown by our very mature and eloquent Year 6 children was simply outstanding; they really did do an incredible job! In fact the speeches were so good, it gave the other members of the school an almost impossible task of voting for the person they felt would do the job best of all. However, after much umming, aarrring and head scratching, the tough decisions were made. All votes were counted and the six most voted candidates and two deputies were revealed in our Celebration Assembly. I can now tell you that Perranporth School’s Diamond Sixes are:

Noah E, Amy, Onthatile, Toby, Lomay and Matthew, with deputies Eva and Noah H.

Diamond 6 2017 2

We would like to wish them all well in their new roles and congratulate them on their appointment! Watch this space for more Diamond Six related news.

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