‘Think not to lose, care not to win’

Our vision for PE at Perranporth Community Primary School is that there is:

  • High quality teaching and learning across the school in all sports and physical activities
  • Children that have a good understanding of health and fitness and strive to improve this
  • Larger numbers of children take part in extra-curricular sports clubs and in representing the school at festivals, matches and performances
  • Children that have experiences of a wider range of physical activities
  • Children who are willing to try new things to get them active

PE and Sport is an essential part of everyday life at Perranporth Community Primary School. We build upon the statutory two hours PE time, by providing opportunities inside and outside school to extend the time children are physically active. We are proud to be a Healthy School.

We are fortunate enough to have extensive playgrounds, a hall and a large flat field to keep all children physically active. Additionally we have our own Forest Schools Area where we teach our SMSC curriculum through outdoor education. Classes visit this on a half termly basis. There is a wide variety of equipment for different sports, that can be used during lessons, playtime/lunchtime and at after school.

If you were to look at a picture of PE and Sport at Perranporth Community Primary School you will see:

  • In curriculum time-a wide variety of sporting activities to enrich children’s PE experiences. This may include traditional or alternative sports such as dodgeball and scatterball
  • No barriers. All children are catered for to meet their individual needs
  • Extra physical activity during the week in addition to the statutory two hours
  • A variety of extra-curricular sports clubs
  • Large numbers of children taking part in different extra-curricular sports clubs
  • Large numbers of children representing the school at festivals, matches and performances
  • Confident children who can talk passionately about their physical/sporting performances, healthy lifestyle fitness and PE learning.
  • Children who understand how they should think differently as a dancer, athlete, gymnast, games player and problem solver.
  • Children who are always looking to beat their personal best as well as trying to achieve their best collectively within team games

Real PE

Our Curriculum


At Perranporth we combine the Inspire units with a challenging and motivating skills building programme from Real PE. This enables us to boost skills and promote excellence and fitness whilst focusing on the development of agility, balance and coordination, healthy competition and cooperative learning. Real PE links closely with our PSHE and each lesson will have a social skills focus as well.

View our whole school PE curriculum map – PE-whole-school-curriculum-map 2017 2018

Sports Premium Funding Partnership


Perranporth is one of 12 schools from the Newquay Learning Partnership.  Meeting every half term we endeavour to share best practice and facilitate opportunities for KS1 and KS2 children to participate in competition and skills development.  We also work closely with the Richard Lander Cluster increasing collaboration in the Truro area. Recently, Perranporth School has seen increasing success in competition, reflecting our improvement in all areas, and we are continuing to make this a school where pupils can engage in a wide variety of extracurricular sporting activities in every cohort.  We intend to use the sport premium to accelerate this upward trend.


Background – The primary school sport premium is £150 million per annum of new government funding jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport. Investment will go direct to individual primary school Head Teachers and is designed to support improvements in the quality and depth of PE and school sport in addition to the new curriculum through to 2015/16.

Outcomes – The Department for Education vision is that all pupils leaving primary school are physically literate and have the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport. The objective is to achieve self-sustaining improvement in the quality of PE and sport that delivers high quality provision of a balanced and holistic PE and school sport offer including;

  • The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – kick-starting healthy active lifestyles
  • The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement
  • Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport
  • Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils
  • Increased participation in competitive sport

Funding – Individual schools will receive circa £8000-9000 per annum (depending on the number of pupils) which they can use to support these outcomes through various options including; release of staff for CPD, employing specialists to work alongside teachers, cluster work with other schools and partnerships, transport, equipment, hall and pool hire etc.

The total funding for the academic year 2016/17 £8,945

Accountability & Impact – Schools are required to keep parents informed and publish plans for deployment of premium funding on their website by April of each academic year. Schools will be expected to track pupils to be able to show what improvements have been made and evidence the impact of the sport premium. From September 2013, Ofsted inspectors will assess and report on how effectively this new funding is being used when making the judgement on the quality of the school’s leadership and management.

Lead member of staff responsible Sam Barnes Lead Governor responsible Laura Wright

Time 2 Move – ‘Time2Move’ is the Cornwall Framework for PE and School Sport. It has been produced by a range of key stakeholders here in Cornwall including Head Teachers and subject specialists taking into account the outcomes of the primary sport premium and Ofsted recommendations. For those schools seeking a comprehensive school sport offer it provides a blueprint to develop excellent delivery both within and outside the school gates. As part of this initiative schools are provided with advice and guidance including a self-assessment audit and action planning template (for further information go to The following table outlines plans for the deployment of the sport premium funding this year set against the ambitions of the framework.

PRIMARY PE & SPORTS PREMIUM STATEMENT . This can be downloaded as a word document by clicking PE and Sport Premium Spend 16-17 (2). See below for a copy of the breakdown in web format. 

Area of Focus  & Outcomes

(Actions identified through self-review to improve the quality of provision)


(Planned/ actual spend)


(Anticipated/actual effect on pupils including measures/evidence)

Future Actions & Sustainability

(How will the improvements be sustained and what will you do next)

Curriculum       Delivery

engage young people in a high quality, broad and balanced curriculum

Ensure that new staff (including Sports Direct Students) are trained in delivering real PE.


Respond to staff audit of personal confidence level in different areas across the PE curriculum- ensure staff attend training opportunities where possible

NSN to provide opportunities to upskill staff

Staff have opportunities to observe gymnastics, yoga, games and dance experts who visit.

Update Staff kit- continue to promote role models and importance of PE/Sport clothing

New equipment for delivery of PE and school sport.


Supply to release staff

(see workforce)




















Staff are more confident in delivering real PE. Children have a better understanding of their physical skills using the real PE aims- i.e. cognitive, social, emotional etc.


Staff instantly recognisable at sport events – gives the school an identity and promotes staff as PE and Sport Role models- the importance of a team emphasised










More effective lessons and a broader range of equipment for after school clubs.



Any more additional new staff to receive training.





Staff training opportunities to be included in Newquay School Sports Partnership as part of the extra funding to be a member.


All staff to wear kit in PE lessons and extra-curricular activities and team events vs children to represent teamwork and the importance of wearing the correct equipment. Proud to be Perrranporth and healthy.


Continue to offer a range of clubs with new equipment e.g. dodgeball, yoga and dance

Physical Activity,    

Health & Wellbeing

all young people are aware of health related issues and are supported to make informed choices to engage in an active and healthy lifestyle

To continue to promote the offer free after school clubs by our staff to encourage the attendance of disaffected children. Monitor the participation level yearly

Sainsbury’s Vouchers used to buy a range of equipment for after school clubs (e.g. dodgeballs, multi-skills etc)



As well as dodgeball being a popular new club, gymnastics was well attended in KS1- promote gymnastics KS2 and Yoga (whole school) Sport Parliament and parents indicated a martial arts club would be beneficial. Eva Miranokova (Cornwall Judo Coach) running a Judo Club with Mrs Davis assisting- encouraging another club to our wide range of extracurricular sporting clubs therefore targeting more children to attend an after school club. We will continue to use the success of well attended new clubs in future, ensuring they are offered again. Audit children and PE and School Sport parliament on new club ideas.


Continue end of term children and staff sport fixtures to promote new and existing sports (in new staff kits)


Equipment bought can be used in PE and future extra-curricular clubs

Diverse &         Inclusive

provide a fully inclusive offer that recognises the diverse needs of specific groups and identifies tailored opportunities for all young people

Continue to liaise with Phil Houghton (Club Co-ordinator) and the new School Sport and PE Parliament to offer a greater range of sports clubs to reach those who do not usually attend after school sport clubs. The School Sport and PE Parliament is made up of 2 members- a keen sportsperson and a less keen sportsperson. We have run launch assemblies for new clubs to promote healthy lifestyles.

Offer a greater range of sports clubs to reach those who do not usually attend after school sport clubs. Speaking to staff and School Sport Parliament, golf was popular.

Pupil Voice- PE and School Sport Parliament set up and will meet regularly to discuss vision of PE and Sport PCPS. Buy badges.


Overtime to staff to support in the delivery of these activities (see workforce).

















Children’s voice has impacted upon a more inclusive PE curriculum and a breadth of sports clubs for all ages to attend. New clubs on offer this year: KS2 gymnastics, yoga, judo, breakfast running club and dance in the summer term.






Local Golf Club came in for National Sports Week. Links established for future clubs. Yoga club set up (autumn 2) Helen Clare to lead and staff to support. Pupil Premium children targeted and chn who are less active. Very positive for Year 6 girls to relax during SATs year.


Greater involvement and understanding of the importance of health and well-being and the positive effect physical activity has. More children attending new and existing clubs.


Continue to work with Phil Houghton and the School Sport and PE Parliament and discuss with the children what PE lessons they would like to have and afterschool clubs. Continue communication and opportunities In2Sport can offer to ensure mass participation.



Continue communication with Derek Mitchell (golf pro at Perranporth Golf Club) to attend events and seek further opportunities.




Maintain successful and well attended clubs. Regular meetings for PE and School Sport parliament. Members to change each year. Involve them in running events, promoting clubs in assemblies etc.


Provide a well organised, appropriate and enjoyable programme of competitions and festivals for students of all abilities

To continue to encourage mass participation in Newquay Sports Partnership events. Introduce children to a range of new sports.

Promote inclusion and excellence-  Cornwall School Games and

More KS1 opportunities voiced at NSN meetings.

Have interschool sport tournaments with Goonhavern School for both boys and girls’ teams.

Overtime to staff in order to transport and accompany children to these events (see workforce)  

Opportunities for children across the primary age range to participate in competitive sport and represent the school. Monitor participation.

KS1 opportunities enhanced.


Continue and extend interschool competitions. Promote being active for life. Continue to promote more KS1 clubs- well attended last year and welcomed by parents.

Leadership, Coaching       & Volunteering

provide pathways to introduce and develop leadership skills

Buy into Newquay sports partnership- encourage different staff to lead different sports clubs and events.

FA Coach Dom Edwards, dance teacher Kate Attwell, Yoga expert Helen Clare as well as others in as an expert in leadership, staff to work closely to upskill their leadership skills in developing breadth of PE understanding.

PE and Sport Ambassadors- Y6 trialled in gymnastics and was very successful. This will continue in the multiple KS1 clubs. Potential award to partake in – to be decided by Y6 Teacher.











The development of a range of opportunities from early years through to year 6 that will encourage all young people to take a full and active part in PE, physical activity and sport.


All staff upskilled and more confident in delivery of PE curriculum.



PE and Sport Profile celebrated and children have improved inter-personal skills. Quieter children more confident as a result. Award credited to boost confident of children and their understanding of being active and healthy.

Attend a range of inter school tournaments and PE lead teacher to attend the cluster school meetings. PE Lead to guide other staff in training opportunities and CPD.


Staff are more confident to lead lessons, clubs and events.



More PE and Sport Ambassadors to be promoted in other clubs and continue to celebrate and raise the profile of PE and School Sport at PCPS. Potential award to increase confidence of social interaction and understanding of the benefit of physical literacy on one’s health and promotion of lifelong participation.

Community    Collaboration

ensure opportunities for young people of all abilities to extend their school activity transitioning into sustained community based sport

Encourage children to attend out of school clubs within the wider school community. Year 4 – 6 will have a day surfing with Perran Surf Club.

Year 5 to attend “Hit the Surf” RNLI water safety session at Fistral Beach in Newquay.

Continue excellent links with local Perranporth Tennis Club and coach Steve Luck, Golf Pro Derek Mitchell, REAL PE Expert Fiona Holmes, Pro Surfer Ben Skinner and Dance Instructor Kate Attwell.




(3 x £300)











Increased attendance at the surfing in the local community clubs: Perran Surf, Perranporth Tennis Club and Perranporth Golf Club.







Attend local community events. In National Sports Week invite all local experts in the showcase their sport and use assemblies to promote attendance of local clubs. Offer some clubs at our school as a starting point.


Develop relationships with local clubs to future years and expand to more where possible.


increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE & sport

Specialist teachers to work with school staff to offer a wider range of sport related clubs and for CPD of staff. Helen Clare leading new Yoga Club and Eva Miranokova leading new Judo Club.

Release teaching staff for CPD and to attend sporting events.










Mrs Lampier now runs KS1 football and Mr Harris KS2 football without support of external agencies. Miss Palfreyman and Miss Prior leading Yoga club without support of outside agencies.



Continue to take opportunities for further CPD in PE e.g. using local coaches/instructors.

PE and Sport Premium Spend 15-16
  PE and Sport Premium Spend 16-17 (2)  PE Action Plan 2016-17

Action plan 2016/17 

Allocation (all figures are approximate)

As a school we are making full use of the Sport Premium money that the government has provided us, to better the physical learning experiences of all children. We are committed to using this resource in developing high quality PE lessons, alongside greater opportunities for sporting competitions and clubs for all our young people.

We have embedded REAL PE as a main drive behind our PE Curriculum at Perranporth Community Primary School. Most of our staff were trained by the high quality services of a specialist PE consultant and teacher (Fiona Holmes) to work with children and staff in adopting a new curriculum approach to PE. With the employment of new staff and in particular, a new PE Co-ordinator we have received additional training to teach REAL PE (£700). Real PE focuses on the development of agility, balance and coordination, healthy competition and cooperative learning. It has a holistic approach which recognises the key abilities children need to be successful both within PE and sport and across the curriculum. We feel that it is critical to get children’s early experience of PE and sport right, to give them a love of learning which will lead to a good understanding of health and fitness throughout their lives. The children love it and are really impressing us with the way they are challenging themselves to use new skills! The work we are doing with Fiona Holmes will also enable us to provide additional training for staff and more insightful assessment of pupil’s attainment and progression into the future.




 A further portion of the funding makes a contribution to the Newquay Learning Partnership (£2000) which has enabled us to continue our participation in inter-school competitions and other sporting opportunities. Funding has enabled us to release staff to attend additional tournaments, leagues, festivals, development events and conferences (£500).  In addition, we are providing improved and additional equipment and resources (£1000).   The remaining funding (£2000) will enable children to participate in extracurricular sporting activities and experiences. We believe this is, and will continue to, contribute to improved standards and sustainable provision across the school.



We view PE as a core subject; ensuring pupils engage in a minimum of 2 hours of physical activity per week.  Our curriculum provision is predominantly through the Real PE scheme, supplemented with swimming lessons.  This facilitates clear progression and consistency through lessons and teaching that improves children’s attitude and abilities in exercise, teamwork, sportsmanship, motivation and leadership skills.  As a healthy school we promote participation by holding many in school events including: walking and biking to school, wake and shake, sports days cross country, and this year in particular, Sport Relief.  We have also recently participated in the Cornwall School Games, where we hope to increase the level of our representation this year.

We are continually striving to enable pupils to succeed at every level, while enjoying and benefiting from Physical Education.  We trust that going forward our ideas and strategies will have a lasting impact on quality and accessibility the allocation of this fund intends.PIC 5

We are continually striving to enable pupils to succeed at every level, while enjoying and benefiting from Physical Education.  We trust that going forward our ideas and strategies will have a lasting impact on quality and accessibility the allocation of this fund intends.


We realise that enabling our pupils to realise and maximise their potential will require an ongoing programme of improvement and intend to achieve this by:

  • development of more in school competitions
  • Change4Life opportunities
  • increased opportunity for gifted and talented pupils, including sports leadership provision.
  • Inclusion of every pupil- all children that attend clubs to represent the school in competition
  • Promote children’s voice- PE and Sport Council to communicate what the children want- clubs, equipment etc.
  • Further development of community links
  • improving Quality of Teaching

For more information regarding our views on PE at Perranporth, please refer to the PE Policy on our website, where you can also find our development plan. Further information on the Sports Premium can be found at: