Modern Foreign Languages 

In Key Stage 2 at Perranporth School, we teach French every week. Learning a language increases cultural awareness by learning about different countries and their flagpeople, fostering positive attitudes towards foreign language learning. We aim to form a sound basis for further study at key stage 3 and beyond. through the Language Angels website. The children become increasingly familiar with the sound and written form of French which closely links to our topic based themes of work. We use songs, games and visual prompts to engage the children in learning French in a fun and active way.

Word of the week

    Bonne chance !!

Bonjour!  Salut!

Welcome to our French language learning resource page where you can find ideas to enhance your children’s enjoyment of learning a new language.

Online games and activities – a great place to start! Organised into topics with a variety of games, songs and videos – videos, songs and activities– a really fun site which is not aimed at teaching French specifically, but great for learning if you choose the French language tab.


There are lots of apps geared to learning languages. 

Duolingo – rewards you with points as you make progress through the levels and with its sound feature can check pronunciation.

Learn French Free – great for learning vocabulary and practicing pronunciation

Books and Cds

And don’t forget that bookshops often have a section with activity books and CDs.  Online bookshops may also stock favourite stories in French.

Check this page for any new resources each term.


Find more resources and games by CLICKING HERE  and visiting the BBC Primary French site. 


Click the pictures to be taken to other French learning sites for Primary age children.