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Performance Information  


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Achievement and Progress:

Below are our most recent results.

Percentage of KS2 (Y6) Pupils Achieving the National Standard 2017

Reading  90%  achieving the National Standard         43% at the Higher Standard

Writing  9Perranporth-121004-10410%  achieving National Standard           37% at the Higher Standard

Maths  87%  achieving National Standard             33% at the Higher Standard

SPAG  97%  achieving National Standard              37% at the Higher Standard

Reading Writing & Maths Combined:  80%

Progress Measure:       Reading 0.7%       Writing 0.7%    Maths 0.5%


Percentage of KS1 (Y2) Pupils Achieving the National Standard 2017

Reading: 80% Expected Standard    30% at Greater Depth

Writing: 70% Expected Standard    13% at Greater Depth

Maths: 70% Expected Standard    23% at Greater Depth


Self Evaluation:

To view our Self Evaluation Form please click here: Perranporth SEF 2016-2017

School Development

To view this year’s School Development Plan please click here: Perranporth School Development Plan 2016-17

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Parent Questionnaire:

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