Clubs and Sports at Perranporth.

Perranporth-121004-0709At Perranporth School the children are offered a wide range of extra curricular activities that take part during lunch hours or after school. If you need any further information on the clubs that we offer please do not hesitate to contact the school office on 01872 572021.

Please note that if you are in receipt of income related free school meals, or certain other benefits, you may be entitled to exemption of all club fees.  Contact the school office for more information.

Summer After School clubs timetable 22.3.16

Field Court Bottom Court Hall Non-sports


Y1 & Y2- Scatterball

Mr Howes + Mr Thomas

(Matt expects to have a lot of children subscribe to this so we may have to do half the children in the 1st half term and half in the 2nd)

Film Club – Y6 room

Mr McGowan

(no numbers limit)



KS2 Athletics Club – Mr Harr

is + Smitheram

(no numbers limit)


Quiz club – KS1 & KS2

Mr Houghton

(no numbers limit)



Ukulele club- KS1 – lunch time– 15 children limit.




3.15- 4.15

Y3,Y4 cricket – Mr Savage + Mr Thomas

(numbers limit dependent on how many sign up)






Field-games KS1

Ms Dix + Mrs Desbora

(numbers limit dependent on how many sign up)



Y5/6 Coding club and Y3/4 blogging club – lunch – Ms Robeson and Mr Wiltshire



3.15- 4.15

Y5,Y6 cricket- Mr Savage + Mr Lara

(numbers limit dependent on how many sign up)




Forest School Club – Mr Paterson + Mr Barnes

(20 max, or half in the 1st half and half in the 2nd)


3.15- 4.15

Lego construction club- lunch- KS1 Mrs Burns



Choir club – Lunch – Ms Kitaruth